Dynamic Financial Strategies Income Term Trust



The Angel Oak Dynamic Financial Strategies Income Term Trust is a closed-end fund that seeks current income with a secondary objective of total return. The Fund is designed to identify compelling opportunities in U.S. financial sector debt. The investment highlights of the Fund include:

  • Focus on high-quality credit with at least 80% of the portfolio rated investment grade, or unrated, but judged to
    be of investment grade quality by Angel Oak
  • Access to a niche market segment
  • Attractive relative value opportunity as financial sector debt has lagged the broader investment grade rebound
  • Asset class duration historically uncorrelated to interest rates
  • Benefits from Angel Oak’s extensive resources and expertise in actively managing financial sector debt investments


Ex-Date  Record Date Payable Date   Distribution ($/share) ST Cap Gains ($/share) LT Cap Gains ($/share)
8/14/2020 8/17/2020 8/28/2020   0.1131
9/15/2020 9/16/2020 9/30/2020   0.1131
10/15/2020 10/16/2020 10/30/2020   0.1131
Total 2020       0.3393    

*Monthly dividend per share annualized and divided by the monthly market price per share. The Fund’s distributions were comprised of net investment income and short-term capital gains. The distribution rate alone is not indicative of Fund performance. To the extent that any portion of the current distributions were estimated to be sourced from something other than income, such as return of capital, the source will be disclosed.




Bank Debt 63.9%
Non-Bank Financials 20.8%
Common Equity 0.0%
Preferred Equity 7.7%
Other 0.0%
Cash & Equivalents 7.6%

As of 9/30/20.

The portfolio is actively managed. Holdings and weightings are subject to change daily and are provided for informational purposes only and should not be deemed as a recommendation to buy or sell the securities mentioned. Fund composition is based on net assets. Please scroll down to see important information about the Fund.

Management Team

Johannes Palsson

Johannes Palsson

Senior Portfolio Manager

Investment industry since 1996 
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Navid Abghari

Navid Abghari

Senior Portfolio Manager

Investment industry since 2005 
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Cheryl Pate

Cheryl Pate, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

Investment industry since 2006 
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Kevin Parks

Kevin Parks

Portfolio Manager

Investment industry since 2009
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Fund Facts

Term Sheet Summary
Tax Reporting Form 1099
Term 15 Years
Credit Strategy Active, fundamental relative value
Investment Category Investment Grade Credit
Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index


1Managed Assets means the total assets of the Trust (including any assets attributable to leverage) minus the sum of accrued liabilities (other than debt representing financial leverage).

2The inception date of the Angel Oak Dynamic Financial Strategies Income Term Trust (DYFN) was 6/26/20.

3Distribution Rate: Distribution rates are calculated by annualizing the most recent distribution paid or declared through today’s date and then dividing by the market price on the last day of the quarter. The distribution consists of the sum of net investment income, net realized short-term capital gains, net realized long-term capital gains, and return of capital. Distribution rates may vary. Any distribution adjustment will not be reflected until after the declaration date for the next distribution. See the Fund’s 19a-1 Notices, if any, located under the “Tax Notices” section of the website for estimates of distribution sources. Final determination of the source and tax status of all distributions paid in the current year will be made after year-end.

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